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We dive deep into manifesting abundance in every area of your life, including: 


Financial Wealth
Spiritual Transformation
Intuitive & Spiritual Gifts
Physical Health
Daily Lifestyle
Passionate Career

It's time to stop settling.

It's time to...

  • stop chasing & start attracting
  • find and break through the blocks that are keeping you from the abundance you desire
  • activate your abundance codes 
  • create a lifestyle you don't need a break from
  • collaborate with money instead of fight with it
  • align with magic, ease, & flow in your life instead of hustle, exhaustion, & doubt
  • manifest the love and soul family your heart calls for 
  • optimize your physical vessel for true health
  • live a life of divine support, synchronicities, & miracles
  • + so, so much more!

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Intuitive Channel, Best-Selling Author, & Founder of Ahai 7D Energy Healing 

Christina is an intuitive channel, energy healer, and founder of Ahai 7D Energy Healing. She is a two-time best-selling author of the books Manifestation Mastery: How to Shift Your Reality & Co-Create with the Universe and Pain, Love, & Purpose. She is also the host of her own podcast of 7 years, Christina the Channel. Christina has worked with countless CEOs, founders, celebrities, & professionals looking to optimize their performance, find full alignment, and create freedom in their lives by mastering the energetics of money, health, and relationships. 

After battling multiple chronic illnesses - and becoming a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner to help herself and others heal through nutrition - Christina realized there was still a missing piece to her healing journey: spirituality. She was able to transform her life and build a 7-figure business by 25 through energetic work, rewiring her brain, and manifestation, and she went on to download Ahai 7D - a powerful new form of energy healing.

Christina has helped thousands of people master manifestation, reconnect with their intuition, and reach their highest potential through her monthly membership, live workshops, and transformational programs. 


Anna Wood 

I am Anna Wood, your loving spiritual advisor, and activator, but YOU, love beam, are the powerful one. My gift is helping you unlock the powers lying dormant inside of you. I equip you with the tools, techniques, and strategies that I have helped thousands of lightworkers with to discover who they really are, serve their mission, and step into an abundant life of love, health, wealth, and happiness. If you know there’s something more for you in this life, my soul mission is to empower you to achieve it.

David Lion

David Lion is a pure-hearted Mystic, Channeller, Seer, & Hypnotist, who is passionate about helping light leaders embody their higher self, liberate their hearts, and master their spiritual gifts.

His devotion is quite simply to being an example and expression of the highest love possible.



Leanna Amiree

Leanna (The Gem Goddess) is a professional intuitive, tarot reader, astrologer and transformational coach. She also teaches the law of attraction, and the secrets to creating more abundance along with her career on YouTube where she has amassed more than 800K subscribers for her tarot predictions, and lessons on manifesting and creating your dream life.


Marc Champagne

Marc Champagne unpacks the mental fitness practices and reflective questions shaping the lives of some of the most successful and brilliant thinkers in the world. He is the author of Personal Socrates, a best-selling book exploring the pointed questions that stimulate our mental fitness and teach us how to direct our internal narrative to work for us instead of against us. 

He is the host of the top 50 ranked podcast Behind The Human and co-founded the journaling app (KYO) which reached 86.9 million people without any paid advertising. He has studied mental fitness practices for over a decade and consults with Fortune 500 companies as a mental fitness strategist and practitioner.

"We are all one question away from a completely different life" –Marc Champagne


Amber-Lee Lyons

Through her content, creations and signature energy healing modality “Chakra Activations,” Amber-Lee is drawing parallels between luxury, abundance, soul-purpose, multidimensionality and higher consciousness, all in a digestible way, to support her audience in elevating their frequency on the daily.

With her no-sugar-coating approach, she's supported thousands of women to access their inner healer and to face their shadows so they can access their soul's mission, their purpose and to manifest their most fulfilling lives.


Erin Claire Jones

Erin Claire Jones uses Human Design to help thousands of individuals and companies step into their work and their lives as their truest selves and to their highest potential. Her work as a guide, coach, and speaker has attracted a growing community of over 240,000 people who turn to her teachings for practical tools, digestible tips, and deeper self-knowledge they can access to live with greater ease and authenticity every single day. 

With work featured in Forbes, mindbodygreen, Well&Good, and Nylon; words shared on over 150 podcasts such as Almost30, That’s So Retrograde, Highest Self, and Chatty Broads; and conversations with crowds of hundreds around the world, Erin’s insights are highly sought-after because they make Human Design pragmatic, tangible, accessible — and immediately applicable to everyday life.


Kelly Scott

Kelly is a nutrition focused personal chef serving those with specialty diets, restrictions, or want to have healthy food that actually tastes amazing. She was professionally trained at the Culinary Institute of America where she learned the techniques and skills to build a foundation for her career.

With over 5 years of experience in professional kitchens and restaurants, she decided to create her personal chef company, Kelly’s Clean Kitchen, to work more closely with individuals to curate the best meals for them.


Olivia Marie

Olivia Marie is passionate about healing and rewiring the nervous system to heal our trauma and live an abundant life. By bringing together the physical body with the emotional & energetics, it is full body healing. She focuses not only on how to get out of survival mode, but how to get into thrival mode.
She loves to help you live a life that feels delicious, not only in the food that you eat and in your body, but also with mindset, wealth & manifestation. And, has helped thousands of women not only heal from their symptoms, but create a life beyond their wildest dreams. 

Jennifer Longmore

Jennifer Longmore, founder of the #1 Akashic Record Training School in the world, has built a thriving 8 figure business around all things consciousness.

She loves coaching other conscious entrepreneurs to reach 7 and 8 figures with their spirit-led missions to create the new earth!  She is also a serial entrepreneur, investor, and board advisor to various conscious apps in her 'spare' time.

When she is not coaching & teaching, you can find her hiking with her family, mining for crystals with her son, or enjoying martial arts with her husband.


Ben Harris 

Ben Harris is a fear alchemist and intuitive guide. Rooted in love and the superpower of belief in himself and others, Ben is a testament of what possibilities arise when you love fear and trust your inner knowing.

His strong sense of self continues to lead him on an ever-present journey of life. Ben’s path has pivoted many times, in many directions. These broad experiences have created a platform to understand and support clients in overcoming their deepest fears as they return home to themselves.


Aveyah is a bringer of joy and light who naturally illuminates love and magic in others. She supports women in stepping into their own unique radiance and purpose to create the most epic life of their dreams.

She’s a multi-passionate creative, artist, mentor and facilitator devoted to Love. Her mentorship is infused with beaming joy, playfulness and a whole lot of heart! Aveyah paves the way to show others how to live entirely from the magic of who they are.

@mimi_themedicin  @the_chasen_one 

Mimi & Chase

We are passionate about sharing the real ‘Medicin’ for people who may have followed the same ‘script of life.’

We want to be living examples of what it means to ask the hard (and unusual) questions in relationship while staying open to the answers.

After all, everything in life comes back to our relationships.
Staying forever students of life, with compassion + curiosity for ourselves and each other, we are going to help you proactively create deep, healthy, passionate partnership supported by a healthy + conscious lifestyle.


Kaitlyn Kaerhart

Kaitlyn Kaerhart is a world-renowned numerologist, astrologer and author with a long list of celebrity clients. She was discovered by Penguin Randomhouse in 2019 and immediately offered a book deal – as predicted, her first title, You Are Cosmic Code: Essential Numerology, was extremely popular with millennials, and took the mainstream market by storm. 

Within a week of its publication, You Are Cosmic Code became an international bestseller, and is now not only sold in all the best bookstores, but in general merchandise retailers (like Target and Urban Outfitters), too.


Tracy Duhs

Tracy believes that optimal health is a fundamental right for all humanity, not just a privilege for a select few.

Helping people activate their vitality and feel alive has been Tracy’s life long mission. Growing up in a missionary home cultivated her profound sense of compassion and her desire to educate on the simple foundations needed to look and feel our best.

Tracy frequently consults large corporations and hotels to help build and facilitate wellness experiences. She also serves as the Director of the International Brain Summit.

Tracy is the founder the Sanctuary Wellness Experience in San Diego and co-founder of Hydrate at the Sanctuary.


Debra Silverman

Astrologer, psychotherapist, and spiritual guide Debra Silverman is here to bring hope to those experiencing collective pain. With a climate crisis standing in the foreground, she brings her wisdom of the elements and astrology to the table to uncover solutions for our times. She is the author of The Missing Element: Inspiring Compassion for the Human Condition (Findhorn Press), and is founder of a school that has trained more than 4,000 people in astrology. Debra is also host of The I Don’t Believe in Astrology Podcast.

Debra Silverman is madly in love with Astrology. Where once she was a skeptic, she now believes the wisdom of Astrology is an undeniable, dependable, and healing balm for society as we face post pandemic life and a climate crisis. For Silverman, Astrology is medicine.
While there is no “one size fits all” approach, Debra Silverman has developed a unique psychological-spiritual model. She connects with each person she practices with on a deeper level in order to empower them to their full potential.


We cover topics like...

  • how to turn your financial ceiling into your floor
  • what it's like to attract abundance instead of chase it
  • activating your mission as a light leader¬†
  • healing your relationship with money¬†
  • tools like hypnosis, the Akashic Records, energy healing, astrology, numerology, and mental fitness practices
  • how to attract soul-aligned relationships
  • how to re-calibrate current relationships to align with abundance
  • optimizing your physical vessel through nutrition and self-care to become a manifestation magnet
  • the biggest manifestation blocks and how to avoid them¬†
  • how to overcome your fears around living your purpose & speaking your truth¬†
  • rewiring your nervous system¬†

The Manifest Abundance Virtual Summit




  • 15¬†transformational¬†speaker (recorded) interviews¬†embodying a key topic on abundance¬†
  • Immediate Downloadable¬†Free¬†Bonuses¬†from speakers (after registration)
  • Tangible¬†takeaways¬†to implement into your daily practice that will set you on the¬†fast track¬†to abundance
  • Christina's¬†Manifestation Activations Set¬†on Money & Abundance (value $197)¬†

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